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What is a VIN Search
A VIN Search search looks at the VIN number record. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was originally described in ISO Standard 3779 in February 1977. It was last revised in 1983. This VIN was designed to identify motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and mopeds.

Lemon Warnings
Automobiles displaying low mileage. Odometer readings may be rolled back. Its illegal in most state, but its easy. It is still a common occurance in used cars.

Seller will not or cannot show you the repair orders or identity of former owner(s).

Vehicle shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

About this VIN Search Website
We are an association of consumer advocates that are sick and tired of the dirty business practices of used auto dealers. A VIN Search will help you avoid buying a lemon.

We outline ways for working class Americans to avoid buying lemons, suffering financial loss and excess emotional distress at the hands of a greedy used car dealership.

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