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Try a free VIN Search on any used car to see if it has a clean history  
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VIN Search
VIN Search
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What is a VIN Search
A VIN Search search looks at the VIN number record. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was originally described in ISO Standard 3779 in February 1977. It was last revised in 1983. This VIN was designed to identify motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and mopeds.

Lemon Warnings
Automobiles displaying low mileage. Odometer readings may be rolled back. Its illegal in most state, but its easy. It is still a common occurance in used cars.

Seller will not or cannot show you the repair orders or identity of former owner(s).

Vehicle shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

About this VIN Search Website
We are an association of consumer advocates that are sick and tired of the dirty business practices of used auto dealers. A VIN Search will help you avoid buying a lemon.

We outline ways for working class Americans to avoid buying lemons, suffering financial loss and excess emotional distress at the hands of a greedy used car dealership.

VIN Search Car

1.25 million vehicles totaled each year in North America are sold at salvage auctions, rebuilt and put back on the road.

Protect yourself. Your local used auto dealer is not on your side. They want your money and will tell you or sell you anything to get it. This website will help you know how to protect yourself from buying a lemon, and what to do if you already have one. Get info on how to get a VIN Search online.

Don't get suckered. Do a free car title search for a used car. The best best is to avoid buying a used lemon car in the first place. Here's two tips from the start to avoid buying a junked car:

  • Get a VIN Search. Assume from the start that the car is not clean. We tell you how to get a free report. A report will tell you if the car has a problem history. All you need to get one is the vehicles Car History Check. You can get a Free VIN Search online. Use the box on the top of the page to get started.

  • Have the vehicle checked out and verified by an independent mechanic or repair shop that you trust, and a body shop not affiliated with the dealership, and factor these costs into the final deal price, including deals from national car chains and private parties.

Most likely you've heard of someone having a bad experience with a used car or truck they just purchased because they did not get a VIN Search. This is becoming more and more common. There are lemon laws that protect consumers, but who really wants to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to settle a legal battle. A used car purchase is the hardest to win and get a settlement from in a court of law.

Help us stop lemon scams! We want to hear your car buying stories! If you have legal actions, sob stories, or dealership problems that may help someone with buying a used car, or dealing with a lemon - please let us know. Everyday hard working Americans are scammed out of their money on cars that are not road worthy. Help us put a stop to this dirty business practice. Use our Free VIN Search History service to search out a used car today!

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